I Want to LOSE WEIGHT!!! HELP!!!

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Hey babe!!! Do you feel yourself looking in the mirror being like " I worked out today.. where the F are my abs.." well same. I this blog I am going to debunk myths on how to get rid of belly fat.

1. To MANY of our surprises, doing core workouts isn't actually how you get a flat tummy!! Shocking right?!?!? Want the tea?? Doing core exercises such as planks, mountain climbers, hollow holds etc are GREAT for your core muscles, this alone wont shed that stubborn belly fat. Surprisingly we all have abs,


You heard that right, the issue is can you see yours or are they hidden by a layer of adipose tissue (aka. fat.)

If you are intrigued and want more tea.. Ive got it

2. The tea is.. you don't need tea to lose weight. Detox tea, fat burners, waist trainers, sweat bands, etc, to lose weight. These are mostly frauds/ gimmicks pulling at your pain points to get you to spend your money on BS. If you want to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. "What is a calorie deficit.?" you ask.

Let me explain...

A calorie deficit means that you are consuming less calories than you are expending- DAILY. Many people believe that “cleaning up “their diet is the key to weight loss. You can be eating super clean tons of veggies, fruit, etc., but if you are consuming excess calories you will never lose the weight.


Many of my clients come to me with NO idea that they can actually consume foods they enjoy and STILL lose weight. If you want to lose weight and don't understand why you struggle with getting rid of that stubborn belly fat follow my IG @kyndledmoorefit or email me questions at moorefit92@gmail.com or purchase my HOW TO WIN AT FITNESS ebook where I spill ALL the tea about weight loss/ weight gain/ meal prep and more.

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