Harriet The WORM ( my experience with a parasite)

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** Trigger warning - There will be a photo of Harriet at the end.. she sounds cute...but she wasn't. I also talk about poop and enemas in the blog- You were warned !!

As a part of my healing gurl era and journey I cant leave out the juicy details of my friend Harriet, the worm. The worm that I found in my poop during my healing process... YEA... you heard that right. 

In my most recent blog post I walked you through my healing journey and some of the things I implemented to heal my gut / skin/ body and hormones. ( many of the common swaps  I used - food 'clean eating'/ household and beauty items are located in the Total Wellness- Healing Gurl Era Guide 

There is a thought process floating around the internet that if you have gut issues/ hormone imbalance/ trying to conceive / acne/ etc that JUST eating "cleaner" will do the trick. As easy as that sounds, its likely deeper than that.  Often times there is a reason ( root cause ) that you are experiencing symptoms . And often until you find the root cause and treat the root cause, you are kind of just skimming the surface.

I opted to work with @lifeasjen and @taylormplesa in a program called Fit & Functional to get toe the root cause of my issues ( talked a bit more in depth in a previous blog post). Even with all the testing ( GI map and HTMA test), I would have NEVER ever in a million years been prepared for what was to come out of my body.

I have learned that most living organisms have parasites..yes...even you sis. 

They have a saying "if it has a pulse it has a parasite", but to my surprise in my GI map there were no signs of parasites. So I thought I was in the clear! Apparently, they are pretty good at hiding ( even if they do not show up on a GI map, they may still be present) 

** a common mistake with trying to rid the body of parasites is just taking a parasite cleanse and NOT having taken the time to open your detox pathways. So basically what happens is you are killing the parasites, they release all these toxins in your body, BUT your body is in NO Way prepared to expel the toxins. This can actually lead you to getting sick, symptoms worsening or even noticing new symptoms. 

In my opinion, this is why its important to work with a provider who walks you through the necessary steps to open your detox pathways and support your body WHILE helping you heal. 

Back to my experience with Harriet ...

Working with my coaches I was placed on a protocol around April 2023. 

Phase one was to open my detox pathways. We utilized not only supplements like binders and concentrated minerals  but actions as well. * links to my amazon store front items are attached here 

Dry Brushing 

Epsom Salt baths 

Castor Oil Liver pack

Coffee Enema ( Prob one of my all time fav protocols, that I had to much resistance to in the beginning- I was sooo scared to stick something in my bootyhole LOLLL) 

Removing Processed Foods 

Focusing on eating for blood sugar balance 

Getting 5-10 mins of morning sunlight 




We then worked through some other protocols that were specific to ME and my needs. All of that while I continued implementing the previously mentioned steps

By July I was doing all of the protocols, was on top of my supps and nutrition with 85% consistency. I was Loving my coffee enemas and started doing them twice per week. 

July 29th 2023 was my conception date and then comes August and harriets big debut

August 7th  2023 -I woke up to train some clients feeling reallly groggy and "puffy" kind of just bloated and swollen. I trained clients from 6am-10am and came home to my stomach telling me we needed to take the browns to the super bowl. 

I went to poop, and if you dont look at your poop... girl you need to start. Your poop can tell you ALOT about your health. Anywho, I looked down and saw this "stringy thing" attached to my poop.... I thought to myself " I havent eaten pasta, that looks like a noodle or a shoe string or something ODD! "

I immediately starting panicing

I ran to my first aid kit and got some gloved and a plastic fork from my car ( desperate times babe.. desperate times) 

(side note, i worked as a CNA in a nursing home for 2 years, ya girl aint afraid of a little poop, ok! LOL)


I got some toilet tissue and pulled out the Object, and I started CRYING while GAGGING, bc WTF. What was that.?!?! It was soo long, prob about 8 inches. It was Harriet. 

At this point I was pregnant, but did not know. Both of my miscarriages happened around week 6-7. It was just maybe 2 weeks after conception when this happened. 

After panicking, face-timing my mom ans crying showing her the worm, texting my husband and flushing Harriet for good. I started doing research on Parasites.( I also noticed I felt AMAZING, the groggy, puffy feeling I had that morning was gone. )

In my research I learned that Parasites CAN most def cause miscarriages, bloating, GI issues, hormone imbalances, sleep disturbances, etc. 


I am very certain that this was prob not the only worm /parasite I have passed.

I am also very certain deep in my core that these protocols, coffee enemas, and the passing of the parasite is why I am well into my second trimester with my miracle rainbow baby. 


This post is NOT medical advice, but it IS advice to DIG DEEPER. Invest in a coach/ program that can help you get to the root of your issues. 


I found out on August 16th that I was pregnant again and I sing my praises to God first , always always, but also to Jenn and Taylor in Fit and Functional - I swear they are my angels on earth !! 


Posting a pic of Harriet Below







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