Healing Gurl F**k ups and Wins ( don't make the same mistakes I did )

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** The advice in this blog post is NOT medical advice. These are things I found to be true in my journey.

My healing gurl journey started when I started digging DEEP to find the root cause of my acne. 

I had always struggled with hormonal acne and was thrown on BC ( birth control)  pills my first year of college 2010. The HBC ( hormonal birth control)  worked, my skin was super clear BUT I had mood swings, low sex drive and just didn't feel like myself. 

Fast forward 2017-2019 on two separate occasions I tried to come off BC and my acne came back with a vengeance.

Around this time Alani Nu ( a popular supplement brand) was picking up steam. I saw several "influencers" they weren't called that at the time, but basically brand reps promoting a specific product that was supposed to help "balance your hormones". I was intrigued! 

SN: The fact that I bought the BS they were sharing at face value, with no research, and just an act of  desperation still makes me cringe to this day.

The product was called "balance" you take the pills and boom its supposed to help with acne and balancing hormones, some women claimed it even helped them get pregnant. I was sold. For 2.5 years I took this supplement, Blindly. I didn't know, nor did I give a crap what was in the damn pill... I just knew it was working,

In the 2.5 years, I started to learn more and dig deeper into womens health/ hormonal health. The product I was taking contained DIM.

Simply explained  DIM "stimulates the pathway that leads to “good” estrogen production and healthy hormone balance. An active metabolism of estrogen in the “good” direction automatically pulls unmetabolized estrogen away from the “bad” pathway, actually lowering the production and levels of these harmful estrogens." ( 1) 

I found that DIM is not supposed to be taken for long periods of time, and once again just like the HBC- its a bandaid solution. 

Insert F**k Up #1 

If you learn anything from my F**k Up.. PLEASE let it be to NOT blindly take supplements.

I was doing SOOOO much research at this point, I knew my hormones were THROWN. I ended up Stopping the Balance supp because I learned that you arent supposed totake it long term. And what do ya know..  I was back at square one. My skin was back looking like a pepperoni pizza.

I knew I needed to dig deeper. At this point, I wanted someone to take a deep dive into my hormones/ blood work. 

I read two books that transformed me ( if you are struggling with period pain/ hormonal imbalance you NEED to buy and read these books) 

Beyond the Pill 


In the Flo

While reading these I knew blood work may give me some answers.

At my yearly physical I asked my Dr. If he could run a full panel. To check my thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, Vitamin D, Etc... This (insert cuss word here) flat out said "No".No real explanation.. Just "No" and that there was Nothing wrong with me. I was healthy. 

At this point I was paying out of pocket, I didn't have insurance.. Why in the world can I as a patient not get answers I want an that I will pay for?? Made no sense.

I was PISSED. 

Insert WIN #1- This Dr saying no , made me find ways to better advocate for myself. I started looking into wholistic/ functional practitioners. This is where my healing journey really began 

I started looking around ( window shopping for a practitioner/ coach) The first persons I Stumbled upon was Jenn Cino with Fit+ Functional. I looked at her pricing and was like...... " I cant afford it" Let me find someone cheaper.

( this is actually super funny to me and I learned a MAJOR lesson from this experience. I had the $ for Jenn, I had a credit card.. I just didn't see the value TBH and I was being a cheap ass. If you have read my other blog posts You may recognize her name. She and my coach Taylor in the program are  actually the people / program that helped me figure out my hormonal issues/ nutrient imbalances etc.. which helped me conceive!  It just took me an extra year to realize that I should have gone with her in the first place LOLLL ) 

F**k up #2 ... I kept going for the cheaper coaching options. While trying to "save money" actually ended up wasting time and spending more $$ in the end.

I went with two different "coaches"along the way and neither dug deep enough. One was actually pretty cheap, which was great, however the results were cheap too. In 4-5 months I barely made any progress and also didn't get many answers. 

The second was a little more pricy, but I wanted to figure out what was going on so I was willing to pay. He taught me quite a bit, but she seemed to do a lot of guessing with supps. Basically, she would tell me what she "thinks" i needed without collecting data/ blood work/ testing first) 

My lucky number 3 was Jenns program Fit+Functional, the program that I looked into the year before but was too afraid to financially commit to. From the second I paid my first month. I felt confident I had made the right decision.


If you learn anything, PLEASE note the "best deal" does not always yield the best result. Sometimes you have to invest/ cut back on other spending/ utilize your credit for a short time to get the results you want!! 

With my 2nd F**k Up, I found a WIN! A program where they actually took the time to test, to dig deep to get to the root of my hormonal issues. 

While working with Jenn and my coach Taylor, there were several things I had resistance to. One being coffee enemas.. LORDDD, I was so afraid to stick something up my butt that felt foreign. 

BUT I decided, Hey..if im here spending over $500.00/ month on coaching Im gonna try what they suggest. 

The thing I had the MOST resistance to was the thing I found myself enjoying the MOST. I love me a good coffee enema and once I have this baby, im back to business with them! 

In coaching I almost had several F**k ups, 

1. being resistat to trying new things. Literally, I had nothing to lose. So glad I stepped up and got out of my head

2. Feeling like I failed if I had an off week. There were several vacations I took while in coaching and in the thick of my protocols. I went to a few all inclusive resorts, had some mimosas had lots of bread/ sweets and when I came back I would allow myself to feel like I "messed things up" which was FAR from the truth. There is absolutely no harm in living life. Embrace that 80/ 20 lifestyle babe!! 


But with the F**k ups I had several wins

1.I finally got answers

2. I started seeing improvements in my skin, my mental health, my hormonal health and got pregnant successfully! 

3. I learned once again that investing in yourself is NEVER and expense and is 100% worth it every time ! 


Listen, you are gonna F**k up, BUT its what you do after the F**k up that matters.

Do you let it break you down 

OR do you come out stronger than ever ?? 

If you are just now starting your healing gurl era and have NO clue where to start,Let me help you! 

 Total Wellness- The Healing Gurl Era  helps provide a starting place for your healing journey! 




(1) https://www.naturalgrocers.com/article/dim-hormone-balance-and-vibrant-health#:~:text=Simply%20put%2C%20DIM%20stimulates%20the,production%20and%20healthy%20hormone%20balance.&text=An%20active%20metabolism%20of%20estrogen,levels%20of%20these%20harmful%20estrogens.

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