The Power of Hydration in HEALING

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You struggle with anxiety, you have trouble falling asleep, digestive issues, bone pains, night time muscle cramps and muscle spasms. 

Could the solution to your suffering be something as simple as ample hydration. 

When you think hydration you are prob thinking about the gym bros carrying around their gallon of water and the thought of that makes you need to run to the restroom.

What if I told you hydration is much more than drinking a gallon of water, or that maybe a gallon of water might not be appropriate for you! 


Hydration includes the absorption of electrolytes. In simple terms electrolytes are nutrients that are present in your body and play HUGE roles in some pretty important bodily functions. 


This goes from regulating your heart beat, to muscle contractions, digestion and more. 

The major electrolyes are magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium ( yes sodium .. its actually not bad for you) , phosphate and chloride. These electrolytes play a role in balancing fluidlevels in your body and having an electrolyte imbalance can negatively affect your health, hormones, gut health, digestion and to an extent can actually be deadly 

As a human, your role is to consume these electrolyes through foods, and drinks and with life/exercise / activity you lose them ( sweating, urinating,etc) 

Electrolyte imbalances are actually quite common, but NOT normal. 

In my healing journey which you can learn more about HERE . I started appreciating the benefits of adding electrolytes and minerals to my daily routines.

I actually found them to be extremely beneficial for me, my digestion, and my energy levels ( esp in the afternoons). If you find yourself in an afternoon slump after lunch and reaching for a coffee, try some electrolytes ( LIFE CHANGING) 

My healing journey prompted me to share all the steps I took to heal my body, my skin, my hormones and give you all of the starting pointers I took hours researching, learned in courses and in practice. The Total Wellness Healing Gurl Era Is a great place to start if you know something is "off" but dont know where to start. The jouney can be ALOT, esp in the beginning, so let me help you simplify some things! 

Getting back to electrolytes, you are likely thinking "ok, so gatorade? powerade?? WHAT ?? " 


When you are focusing on healing you want to look at things through a more wholistic lense 

Traditional sport drinks tend to be full of additivies, dyes, etc. 

We want to opt for items that contain less harmful ingredients ( check out some of my favs below ) 

1. coconut water ( be sure its organic & no sugar added) 

2. Trace Minerals Zerolyte ( these have become my personal fav, I drink one daily) 


4. Utah Sea Minerals ( I often add this to my water through the day - just about 10 drops  in my stanley cup ) 

These are just a few of my favs, clean ingredients and pack a powerful punch in terms of electrolye/ mineral in your hydration routine. 

The average person should be drinking at least 1/2 of their body weight in Oz of water and supplementing in electrolytes as well. 

Hydration, just like fat loss is individualized and there is no one size fits all! 






**This blog post contains affiliate links & is not medical advice 


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