Healing Gurl Era ( my healing journey )

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I worked for YEARS to heal. I have struggled with acne since highschool. Each time I would go see a Dr they would give me a new pill or cream... Nothing was working. I eventually landed on hormonal birth control ( HBC) for 10 years. Only to meet the man of my dreams, try to come off and my body FREAKED TF OUT. 


In the mean time I had food sensitivity, reoccurring BV and yeast infections, acne, mood swings, itchy skin/ scalp. I felt broken. 

 I wanted to start a family and knew, 

1. I couldnt do it on HBC

2. There was something wrong ... really wrong.. I knew it just had to be hormonal.


The HBC hid my symptoms for YEARS. 


There was a systemic fire brewing in my body and from what I would find out later-> My GUT


My acne was taking a toll on my confidence and mental health, I was at wits end. I wasnt getting the help  I needed from Doctors. I was tired of bandaid solutions, I wanted a long term solution and answers and to get my body and hormones in a place to have a baby.

This was 2022 when I took a deep dive into how to heal my body. I worked with several practitioners along the way. Some more beneficial than others. In 2022 I started working with @the_acne_np, she did an amazing job explaining  to me that my symptoms were being driven by a root cause. She helped me get on a supplement protocol, she explained to me how to eat my foods ( what foods to look for ) , how to nourish my body after a few months I started to notice a difference. 

I still needed more answers though. I knew something was still off. The acne was beginning to develop on my back and the back of my shoulders, I still had yeast infections, I still felt there was something "off"

Nov of 2022 I fell pregnant , by surprise. We had only been "trying"for 1 month. I was SOOOO excited.. only to have dec 21 roll around and I started to bleed. Miscarriage #1.

I wasn't giving up, even though this event crushed my soul, I knew I still had healing to do. I started researching endocrine disruptors ( things in our environment / food/ beauty products / etc that contain toxins that can affect womens hormonal health) "Endocrine disruptors are natural or man-made chemicals that may mimic or interfere with the body's hormones, known as the endocrine system." (1) some you may be familiar with  Phthalates/Bisphenol A (BPA. Check the link below for a list and more on endocrine disruptors.


In this time I started to make healthy swaps. I swapped out my soaps. My detergent. My deodorant. 

I was still in the trenches with healing. Focusing on consuming whole foods, My skin was clearing but the miscarriage really had me f**cked up. When you research miscarriage they are common, even more common these days. So i figured.. its just "bad luck" as My OB at the time told me.

Fast forward to march 2023 where I had yet ANOTHER miscarriage. I felt broken. My body was failing me ( or that is what it felt like ).I honesly fell into the deepest depression.I stopped exercise, I laid in bed, I had thoughs of self harm. I was in the lowest place of my life. On top of that one of my favorite aunts died from cancer. I just felt hopeless.


I was at wits end and knew I needed to dig deeper.  I needed help with my mental and physical health


I joined Better Help and started meeting with a therapist weekly

This is also  when I joined @lifeasjenn coaching program fit and functional. I knew I needed to take a deeper look at my health 

In her program we did a HTMA test ( Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ) 

and a GI map.



I had mineral deficiencies ( which showed adrenal fatigue and burn out - STRESS overload) 

I had candida over growth in my gut ( which made sense with the reoccurring yeast infections ) 

I had h-pylori which is a bacterial overgrowth in my gut 

My liver was sluggish , so I wasn't detoxing optimally 

These things IMO were from 10+ years of HBC use, excessive alcohol use in my mid twenties, stress overload/ perfectionism, consuming low quality / high sugar foods, all of the environmental toxins. 

I had a lot of work to do, and I am not gonna lie.. I was OVERWHELMEDDD.. but I knew I needed to do this for my health and the health of my future babies. 

In the program Jenn and my coach Taylor set up a protocol just for me. 

1. opened drainage pathways and teach my body how to detox ( this is when I started my dry brushing , castor oil packs, epsom salt baths , sauna, coffee enemas ( OHH how I love a good coffee enema) ) 

2. we then worked on getting rid of the h.pylori and candida  ( both me and my hubby had to do this together bc it can be spread via saliva) 

3. mineral rebalancing ( replenishing tf outta my body with minerals that my body was lacking ) 


at this point i was about 5 months into the program.

I had made HUGE improvements in my health,  I had more energy, my poops were easier, I had literally NO more acne ( not even the bacne), I felt more mental clarity, I felt amazing 

I also started getting ready to TTC ( try to conceive )  again , tracking my ovulation

focusing on my inner work ( breath work , therapy), doing more yoga, decreasing my training intensity to just 3x per week to allow my body to reccover. 


I felt good and looked good! 


We ended up going on our honey moon, bc oh yea during this time we 

got married may 2023

had another really close death in the family may 2023 

went to meet with a fertility specialist bc my OB suggested that as the next step ( all we had was a consult in august & I was literally pregnant in the consultation ... just didnt know it yet lol ) 


I was supposed to start my period Aug 14th the day we returned from our honeymoon and upon the return... NO period. I figured it was stress from travel, but NOPE it was baby Padgett growing away. 


I want to share this story with you to give you background on an actual healing journey, share the highs and lows, to show that investing in yourself pays off ( I literally have prob spent over $6k on programs an supps) but I wouldn't trade any of this ! 

I have learned so much and that is why I put together the Healing Gurl Era Guide, its a stepping stone. It provides you with WHERE to start, bc it can be overwhelming. 

All of the clean eating swaps, home / beauty swaps/ the inner work, it laid the ground work for my healing and I hope this guide does that for you! 



Purchase the Healing Gurl Era Guide by clicking the link below





1. https://www.niehs.nih.gov/health/topics/agents/endocrine/index.cfm


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