Break Up with Inflammation

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Look at these two images These are YEARS apart but on the exact same day.

(left ) I am struggling with acne, inflammation. My skin looks dull, My face looks puffy.

(right) My skin has been clear for over a year. My skin is bright and dewy. My face looks slender. 

If you pick up anything from this blog post, I want you to know that INFLAMMATION starts somewhere. Your body is in constant communication with you ( via your energy levels, your skin and appearance, your hair and nails, your bowel movements, your period... BUT the question is, ARE YOU LISTENING?) 

The image on the left is 5 years ago. I was struggling with my first attempt to come off of hormonal birth control, I was sluggish, I was exercising 6-7x per week with a heavy emphasis on cardio, I was consuming alcohol and other inflammatory foods regularly, I had irregular bowel movements, If I ate bread I would bloat and my scalp would itch. ALLL of these symptoms were my body speaking to me, but I wasnt listening. 


Do any of these ring a bell for you?

Maybe you feel puffy 24/7

Maybe your joints always feel inflammed

Maybe you have acne or dull /dry skin

What is your body telling you?? 

I actually didn't start listening until about 3 years later , when once again I tried to come off of birth control and my acne was INSANE- ( see my blog post about my HEALING GURL ERA HERE


If you struggle with joint pain, skin conditions, autoimmune disorders GIRL its time to dig deeper. The bandaid solutions of medications and creams are only going to take you so far. 

So, lets talk inflammation and what steps I took to KICK inflammation to the curb, clear my skin, de-puff and de-bloat my face and body. 



I started learning about how food quality affects not only the digestive tract and gut but the entire body.Your brain, your skin, your joints, your thyroid and liver. I know here in America everything is separate.

Bloating / Gut issues you go to your GI doc

Acne you go to your dermatologist 

Period pain you go to the gyno

All these systems are divided, When in reality its ALLL connected  

What you consume affects your gut. The health and integrity of your gut impacts your physical health, mental health, hormonal health & more 

Start looking at the foods you consume TODAY

-Limit inflammatory oils ( seed oils) and opt for items that contain cleaner oils like avocado oil, olive oil. My Healing Gurl Era Guide includes clean swaps that you can start implementing to prioritize healing and decrease inflammation and toxic load. The guide also includes a Low tox guide, giving you a list of where to start in terms of decreasing toxins in your food/ home / environment 

-Limit the consumption of Highly processed foods. The goal should be to consume WHOLE foods a majority of the time. I have seen this alone help women lose 5lbs of bloat in their tummy area and improve digestion 

-Drink clean, FILTERED water... ( not the bottled stuff) 

The Healing Gurl Era Guide is also FULL of clean eating swaps ( there is a clean eating guide and approved brands guide with OVER 100 swaps to clean up food/coffee/ condiments/ cheese / meats & more ) 

2. Keep your environment CLEAN 

Clean air, Clean home, decluttered, and removing toxic people.

One of the first swaps I made in my healing journey outside of food was 


I removed toxic people from my life, I started going to therapy and placed a HUGE emphasis on my mental health. My Healing Gurl Era Guide had an entire section covering mental health/ affirmations & more. 

I then moved on to my beauty products, household cleaning products and more.

You may be asking yourself.. why does changing your cleaning products or house hold products matter- I love my bath and body works lotion OR I love my glad plug ins... Well girl I used to as well ! 

Vanilla bean body wash and tropical glade plug ins were my GO TO. Little did I know the negative impact these products have on our hormones and liver. We are BOMBARDED with toxins daily. Our body eventually cant keep up with detoxing from all the crap we put on it / in it ( hello parabens & phthalates) . Which can lead to estrogen dominance and a slew of other issues. 


This process didnt happen over night and its impossible to remove all toxins or inflammatory oils etc from our lives. ITS IMPOSSIBLE!! So, we just have to do the best we can to be proactive and limit exposure. 


The difference in my skin/ body/ mental health is night and day between the images above, and  I can NOT take full credit for my own healing journey. I was ready to make a change, made an investment in a coach who helped me implement the custom and necessary protocols to heal by gut and body. 

However, reflecting on my journey, I have found that there are ways to start. Free, uncoached ways to start improving your health, decreasing inflammation and making a HUGE impact on your future health and those are what I listed above. 


If you want guidance on where to start, what to swap first, my Total Wellness, the HEALING GURL ERA  GUIDE is just a CLICK away ! 






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