How to WIN the WEEK!!

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If you follow along on my IG @kyndledmoorefit. You will see that I AM SUCH A PLANNER!! I have learned that preparation is KEY in man of our journeys into fitness, or anything for that matter. 

Once you hunker down and get real with yourself about your goals ( longterm and short term) You need a road map on how to get there. This is where planning comes into play. 

1. Get a tangible agenda-

Get a Year planner at target/ walmart. Getting an actual planner and not using my digial agenda on my laptop or phone makes what I write into the planner feel more real. Me physically writing down my goals for the week, along with things I need to do day by day not only helps me remember a little better but it helps to make that goal feel like a reality. 


2. Plan your week-

Take the time to actually plan out your entire week Monday - Sunday. Plan your individual days from the time you go to work to the time you get home. This helps you stay on track with your goals and list of to-do's during the day. Also, having a list of what to do around what times and having the ability to mark through a completed item is so damn rewarding it will keep you motivated to continue. 


3. Plan Your grocery shopping/ meal prep days

Prepare prepare prepare- This is where I see my clients struggle the most. You come home from work, exhausted and its easier to either skip dinner and head to bed or you buy take out. This is THE main reason so many women struggle to see success in fitness. It all boils down to diet and calories consumed. If you aren't eating enough- it can prevent forward progress. If you are eating too much for your goals, you will not see the results you are looking for. This is the importance of meal prep- You have food at home/ already prepared. It helps take the headache out of finding something to eat and also helps you stay on track towards your goals! 

4. Set out your gym clothes and pack your meals the night before 

On the other side of prep. Think ahead. If you take action before- you will see much more sucess. You are more likely to work out in the AM when your workout clothes are already laid out and ready to go. Just like you are more likely to eat the lunch you brought to work than eat out. Take the time the night before, set out your clothes, pack your bags. ITS TIME TO LEVEL UP!!! 


Using these tips has helped me win the week- week after week. Not every week is perfect and of course I am human, sometimes I fall behind. However, having a plan has kept me on track, motivated and dedicated to reaching my goals! 

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